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Miss Lily is Home!

Originally posted by ofenjen at Miss Lily is Home!
Lily After Surgery
Lily is home with Stephanie and Richard and will be pampered and loved while she heals and finds some normalcy in what's been a crazy life for a little kitten! S

For anyone that missed it, Lily was adopted by my sister and her husband after she was abandoned on our parent's property. Her leg was injured, but what we didn't know what she had been shot. I've been on a mission to help my sister and her husband pay for the surgery Lily needed to save her life. Lily's leg had shrapnel in it and was infected. She she was running a fever and her leg was amputated today to save her life. She's on antibiotics and painkillers and short a leg, but she's already improving, is happy, eating and being a kitten again, despite her big surgery today!

Lily After Surgery

Lily After Surgery

In donations alone, we have raised $1300 to help pay Lily's expenses! I was able to write a check to help pay for Lily's surgery thanks to ALL of you! We still have bills to pay, but my sister and her hubby were able to put the rest on Care Credit and we will be able to pay for that in a few weeks.

I can't say thank you enough. Really. THANK YOU.

Check out all the fantastic auctions going on at loveforlily with all proceeds going to help with Lily's medical expenses!

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